Meg's 4 favourite ideas of the week

Hello Fabulous Readers!

My favourite ideas this week are:

1. Seth Godin (on mediocrity, and editing killing the spirit of a thing): “If all you want is safe, have baby food for dinner. Just leave me out of it.”

2. Chris Smither on etown (regarding voting): “I have a personal theory that nobody should be allowed to vote until they have lived abroad for a year, in a country where people speak a different language.”

3. From a song by Hot Rize (on etown!): “Here today n gone tomorrow, life’s too short to borrow sorrow…”

4. And finally, here’s a link to a cool article about some simple cheap technology that’s making a difference in Africa.

Tons of Best wishes,

Wings of Lino

Hello my happy readers!
Hope you have had (or are in the process of having) a lovely weekend.

I forgot to let you know that I am carving a lino block (matrix!) of kind of an Autumn Fairy. She is from an old thumbnail sketch in my Visual Diary that I recorded some time ago, possibly years. She is flying around low to the crocusses, and leaves of various shapes are being blown around near her. I had actually started carving the lino, and now notice that the wing shape doesn’t support the flowing lines of the design. I am going to carve no more. I’ll either get a new big piece of lino and just trace the design with changed wings, or else I will use an elongated shaped piece (like RainGirl but maybe sideways), and change the design significantly to fit. But the wings must be changed!

Have been really enjoying listening to podcasts of etown radio. (You clever techy people know what podcasts are, right?)

I am just about to fill in my application for the Moving Image section of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival. Very exciting!

Tons of good wishes your way,

3 cheery things

Howdy Georgeouses,

I’m excited to be able to tell you 3 cool (& cheery) things today. (And I have for the first time used the formatting available in WordPress to give you (tadah!) numbered bullet points). Here goes:

  1. Firstly a link to the YouTube video of the “From Little Things Big Things Grow” song. The reconciliation song has entered the Aussie music charts up high, which is wonderful. Also you can still buy the song if you want! And here’s another article about the song.
  2. A friend has told me about a fantastic radio show, called etown (music, ideas, community). It’s played on 100 radio stations in the US, or you can download it from wherever you are as a podcast. I have listened to a couple of shows and loved it so far. Intelligent, genuine and kind, and wonderful live music.
  3. My other news (for which I don’t have a link, unless you want a link to an Apple store) is that I got a new iPod Shuffle (new generation) that holds TWO GIG!!! (Which is a lot of songs, and will more than do for even the longest of my walks and runs (jogs)).
    It cost $A82 (US$77) which is around half the price of my previous one, and 8 times the storage, and about half the size physically. The bestest best things are that it’s like a dear little peg and it’s PURPLE. Sorry lovely readers, I am making a great effort not to shout at you (capitalize) too much with excitement!!! (Maybe just tons of exclamation marks!!!)

So I download etown and listen on my new purple iPod. Sigh! I feel so much like myself.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Meg to mention weather when relevant now

Hey DearHearts!

I need to modify a promise I made to you about talking about the weather! I said I wouldn’t talk at all about it unless it got extreme again. It seems that if I totally avoid the topic I have cut off that way to set the scene simply. I started to get bogged down not knowing at all what to write to you, how to start etc.
So I would like to change it to: I will not to whinge in an extended way about the weather, unless it becomes extreme.

Here goes! Yesterday I went for about a 5k run (3.1 mile) run (jog?) in rain so fine it was barely more than a mist. It was like that most of the time and I didn’t really get very wet. It was an interesting experience.
I am finding my jogs easier as I get stronger with circus training. In class I am even starting to learn to do beginners chin-ups!

I got to do some lino print design on Tuesday. Hooray! I had become a little disheartened, thinking I had no knack for it anymore; now it has dawned on me that any work I have done that I or anyone likes, has had more than one go to get to looking as it does, whether (the other kind (!)) at the design, cutting, printing, paper choice or colour choice stage.
So am progressing bearing in mind that it is a process of fine-tuning and time, patience and re-working. Then absolutely POUNCING on it when it works and going with it!

Keep well. Thanks for reading,

Thinking of you!

Hi bloggy-buddies!

I have been thinking of you but have been caught up doing un-blog-noteworthy activities.

I did cover a chair yesterday in spotty fabric which could become the subject for a print design maybe (plus cat of course)!

Write with something substantial very soon.

Take care,

From Musical things, Reconciliation things grow!

Hello you lovely Readers Of This Little Blog,
Thanks for coming,
Just a quick post to give you a link to a cool new Reconciliation song. It’s a new version of the Paul Kelly classic “From little things, big things grow”, with heaps of Aussie singers, plus the voices of 2 Prime Ministers. The idea is to for so many people to buy/download it, that it goes to the top of the charts, and thereby many more people get to hear it as it gets on high radio rotation.
Just found a newspaper article about the song, too.
Check it out, see what you think. Let me know in the comments section if you like.
Lots of great things to you,

My 2 favourite internet finds of the week

Hello, friends,

Check out:
Trinny and Susannah (Girly site for fashion and figure type stuff, possibly not of interest to any male readers)
Lino Creative [link removed, broken] an illustrator/artist/designer from Sydney (Australia) who does interesting, beautiful work.

Take care of yourselves you wonderful patient readers,

Music, lino, festival, animation and manifesto linky Thursday

Howdy, co-inhabitants of Bloggiverse!
(Like Buffy-verse but with less Buffys and more bloggers)

My lovely friends and music teachers, Kevin and Janice Tuck have some music teaching sites and blogs which I have added to my blog roll. Check it out if this may be useful to you.

Great Lino-printing tutorial by Lemonlight! She has different ink, so does things a little differently with the ink to me, but very well described (with plenty of pictures!).

South Australian Living Artists festival [link taken out – out of date] coming in August. Need to register by end of April. Am deciding if I would like to be involved.
View Luku’s work “My Keeping Cup” [link taken out – out of date] (beautiful animation). He is the co-ordinator of the Moving Image part of the Living Artists festival.

Change This has another set of manifestos out, I haven’t read them all yet but my favourite so far is: Freak Factor.

See you next blogging increment,

Colour schemes in progress

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you had a great weekend.
Yey! I got some painting done on the 2 Joy prints I am working on. Nothing resolved yet, but progress made! RainGirl looks like having a pale washy grey sky (that doesn’t sound like me does it?), and really bright clothes (that does though).
For the background of the joyous girl (in the non-rectangular border, uploaded on Valentine’s Day) I tried the special anniversary “Smalt” Blue (mentioned back on January 17); it goes on nicely and dries a bit purply.
I got a new (prickly) Youngberry cane planted today, in a break from doing inside things. It has a good spot on the dripper line, and I hope it will like being near the raspberries (which are sprouting happily) and the fence (which is sprouting hardly at all). Would like to get some blackberry canes, and boysenberries! Keeping slowly aiming towards a year of fruit (that includes yummy colourful berries. Yey!).
Have fun.

Tim Tam budget

Hello folks,
Hope this finds you well.
Have been very busy with work and work, so haven’t a colourful upload for you as I had hoped.
However, I have cool link. The energy budget for Australia has been represented by TimTams (chocolate biscuits) and you can redistribute them in the “game” as a means to give feedback to our new Federal Treasurer! This site is for Australians to use, but anyone can have a look. In case you are on dial-up I should warn you that it takes a little while to download.
Best wishes,