Bad paper, good fruit

Hey there!

Progress today! Remember that lovely watercolour paper I bought last week? Well yesterday I made some prints and today I have done some painting! I have one learning experience to show you (bad result) and one happy construction. OK the bad news first:

example of paint on smooth paper

example of paint on smooth paper

The paper is the same brand and the same weight, but smooth not textured. I did not bother painting any more as the way the paint goes on is so not what I am looking for. It’s kind of a shame, cos the printing ink went on clear and black and lovely.
And the good news…(drum roll) the 3 mandarin design I had carved, is now printed on paper, and painted! Here it is:
bright orange mandarins with sky blue background and rainbow border

bright orange mandarins with sky blue background and rainbow border

The colours look pretty well as I had hoped. The plan for this image is to hand-make some cards, and maybe show on etsy and red bubble (eg. for t-shirts and wall art) as well as do a limited run of originals.
I also finished my SALA animation, it’s all of 80 seconds long! More on that in a couple of weeks.
Be yourself. There’s nobody better qualified.

Music, Art and Bokashi happy progress

Hello dear readers,

My bokashi (indoor Japanese compost) buckets are working I believe. They smell sweet, have no insects buzzing around them, and I got my first bokashi juice to use on the weekend. (This may sound strange but was way exciting for me!) To use as fertiliser it’s a teaspoonful per bucket of water and so I watered in my new seedlings with that mix (previously-mentioned herbs plus 3 rainbow chard); also put some neat down the drain to clear it. That appears to have made a difference as well.

New artwork on the way. Have made progress on my SALA animation. It’s called “Bloom where you’re planted” and is a very short simple film to be projected on a specific wall during a Moving Images walking tour (not til August). I will upload to YouTube once it has been screened at the Festival. Also a “Making Of…” could be an even shorter video for YouTube!

New printmaking coming up! I had a lovely time buying new paints, lino and paper last Friday. The potential of the lovely little tubes of colour (and clean big paper, and fresh new lino) is quite uplifting.

Talking of uplifting: Michael Franti and Spearhead on e-Town! Download the podcast, and try to stop yourself from singing, dancing and clapping along while you run, walk or commute!! (It was an encore performance but I hadn’t heard it before). Loved it. Luckily not too populated where I go running!

July LiveTown performers confirmed. Join the mailing list if you want to get email flyers, otherwise subscribe to the blog. (Mostly relevant for Adelaide locals).

Hope you are having a wonderful time,
Meg (the verbose (today))

Autumny solstice note

Greetings Lovelies,

Not sure what I will write about, so I’ll just start…

At the Growers Market on Sunday morning I bought Chives, Borage and Garlic. They look healthy.

On my run this morning I noted fallen red leaves, and plenty still to fall. It seems Autumn is happening a bit late this year, especially as we have just had the winter solstice. So glad that longest night and shortest day have passed now. I find the lengthening days give me a feeling of hope, that the cold and dark are on the way out again.

Printmaking on hold awaiting the purchase of good paper. Animation projects are the activity of the day.

Take good care of yourselves,

Friendly fruit

Hi friendly folk,

I forgot to tell you I got some nice little citrus (oranges and mandarins) from the LETS market and am making artwork of the mandarins with leaves still on them. Am in the process of cutting the lino so soon may have something to show you. (I am quite sure of the colour scheme this time, it’s already pictured in my mind’s eye!)

Hope you are having a good week,

4 things I have re-learned

Hello Friends!

These things I have been reminded of recently:

1 LETS markets generate a sense of abundance and lead to community links too,
2 Gardening gives a feeling of connection with the earth, even in suburban surrounds,
3 Friends and the walking with and talking with thereof, are also a connection back to and mirror of your real best self,
4 Making physical artwork is both fun and productive for me, and hopefully a gift to others.
I have been reminded that the computer is not the only way to make stuff and connect with people, and I need both.

Got my bokashi compost buckets and have bokashi mixture from the LETS market. I have put down the inaugural first layer of kitchen scraps! I guess it’s going to be an ongoing process, nothing exciting to report yet!

Take care beautiful ones,

Influences on my thinking

Hello lovely bloggy-people!

I have been reflecting on the positive influences that certain people have had on my thought processes. I discovered my first Barbara Sher book at the local library, but have found out more and bought books via the internet. Dave Rendall I found on the internet. Both have helped to shape a healthier and less conventional way of thinking about talents, weaknesses and working life. Ruth Tuck I knew before there was internet for the public!

Barbara Sher. She writes insightful books. She defines and loves “Scanners” and assists them to manage their strangeness/abilities. Of her many books, the ones I have read are all favourites:
“Refuse to Choose: Use all of your interests, passions and hobbies to create the life and career of your dreams”,
“It’s only too late if you don’t start now: How to create your second life at any age”,
“Idea Book” and
After excitedly reading “Refuse to Choose” (the first I read) I felt great relief that I had an alternative to aspiring to a 9-to-5 type work situation.

Dave Rendall at Freak Factor. Hi Dave! He suggests maybe your “worst” traits are also your greatest assets. He wrote the Freak Factor Manifesto which I have mentioned before, and has a Freak Factor blog and a business leadership blog. Dave has inspired confidence and changed my thinking about how a working life might utilise the positive aspects of a person. (And save time/stress not trying to fix the downside).

Ruth Tuck: A mentor and teacher since I was 7 years old. Gave me confidence to do Art of all kinds. I am trying to find you a good link with her artwork, but she isn’t very comprehensively represented on the web. At least, here’s a link to a page of 2004 artwork, but it doesn’t really explain how she affected my skills and thinking in art as I grew up.

It seems like experience is the thing that helps to understand your own unique combination of capabilities, wishes and preferences, and gradually to learn to accept and work with them.

By the way, I’m just looking into “e-junkie”, a method of intergrating sales into a web-site or blog etc. Have any of you fabulous readers used it? I thought it might be a good way to go for a self-hosted artwork shop. Also I am toying with the idea of writing an e-book. Will keep you posted on that.

Take care,

Friday Greetings

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you have had an interesting and happy week.

I have been off-line and off-computer for a few days with false alarm technical problems (the technicians couldn’t duplicate the problem (embarassing!)). The good part is that all is well now. The more challenging part is that I will have to wait to buy more supplies for printmaking.

Have finished making the artwork panel for the LiveTown signboard, and am dying to take a pic for you. Will borrow a (digital) camera over the weekend. The event is not far away so excitement and plans are in the air.

Those of you in America may be interested to know that etown will be doing some live taping (of their show and including a ThinkTank) from the Rothbury music festival. The site looks great, check it out.

Hope you are well.
Cheers, Meg

PS Hope you noticed (and like) my new banner artwork. I still have small adjustments to make.
Also today I have simplified my site (tangerine epiphany dot com) in content and look.

Gore talk and LiveTown links

Hello dearest, sweetest and cleverest of Readers!

As I mentioned I have been pottering around on the net following green links, and came across this video (GreenLiving blog pointed it out). Al Gore’s updated Climate Change talk is about 25 minutes long. I found it inspiring and positive. He does say we need to act, and suggests that we can rise to the challenge.

I said I would give you the LiveTown Club link when there was content, well now there is! I guest blogged on it too! How fun is that? (I tells ya, it was fun).
[Live Town currently in recess, link removed]

Thanks for reading,