Friendly fruit

Hi friendly folk,

I forgot to tell you I got some nice little citrus (oranges and mandarins) from the LETS market and am making artwork of the mandarins with leaves still on them. Am in the process of cutting the lino so soon may have something to show you. (I am quite sure of the colour scheme this time, it’s already pictured in my mind’s eye!)

Hope you are having a good week,

4 things I have re-learned

Hello Friends!

These things I have been reminded of recently:

1 LETS markets generate a sense of abundance and lead to community links too,
2 Gardening gives a feeling of connection with the earth, even in suburban surrounds,
3 Friends and the walking with and talking with thereof, are also a connection back to and mirror of your real best self,
4 Making physical artwork is both fun and productive for me, and hopefully a gift to others.
I have been reminded that the computer is not the only way to make stuff and connect with people, and I need both.

Got my bokashi compost buckets and have bokashi mixture from the LETS market. I have put down the inaugural first layer of kitchen scraps! I guess it’s going to be an ongoing process, nothing exciting to report yet!

Take care beautiful ones,

Influences on my thinking

Hello lovely bloggy-people!

I have been reflecting on the positive influences that certain people have had on my thought processes. I discovered my first Barbara Sher book at the local library, but have found out more and bought books via the internet. Dave Rendall I found on the internet. Both have helped to shape a healthier and less conventional way of thinking about talents, weaknesses and working life. Ruth Tuck I knew before there was internet for the public!

Barbara Sher. She writes insightful books. She defines and loves “Scanners” and assists them to manage their strangeness/abilities. Of her many books, the ones I have read are all favourites:
“Refuse to Choose: Use all of your interests, passions and hobbies to create the life and career of your dreams”,
“It’s only too late if you don’t start now: How to create your second life at any age”,
“Idea Book” and
After excitedly reading “Refuse to Choose” (the first I read) I felt great relief that I had an alternative to aspiring to a 9-to-5 type work situation.

Dave Rendall at Freak Factor. Hi Dave! He suggests maybe your “worst” traits are also your greatest assets. He wrote the Freak Factor Manifesto which I have mentioned before, and has a Freak Factor blog and a business leadership blog. Dave has inspired confidence and changed my thinking about how a working life might utilise the positive aspects of a person. (And save time/stress not trying to fix the downside).

Ruth Tuck: A mentor and teacher since I was 7 years old. Gave me confidence to do Art of all kinds. I am trying to find you a good link with her artwork, but she isn’t very comprehensively represented on the web. At least, here’s a link to a page of 2004 artwork, but it doesn’t really explain how she affected my skills and thinking in art as I grew up.

It seems like experience is the thing that helps to understand your own unique combination of capabilities, wishes and preferences, and gradually to learn to accept and work with them.

By the way, I’m just looking into “e-junkie”, a method of intergrating sales into a web-site or blog etc. Have any of you fabulous readers used it? I thought it might be a good way to go for a self-hosted artwork shop. Also I am toying with the idea of writing an e-book. Will keep you posted on that.

Take care,

Friday Greetings

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you have had an interesting and happy week.

I have been off-line and off-computer for a few days with false alarm technical problems (the technicians couldn’t duplicate the problem (embarassing!)). The good part is that all is well now. The more challenging part is that I will have to wait to buy more supplies for printmaking.

Have finished making the artwork panel for the LiveTown signboard, and am dying to take a pic for you. Will borrow a (digital) camera over the weekend. The event is not far away so excitement and plans are in the air.

Those of you in America may be interested to know that etown will be doing some live taping (of their show and including a ThinkTank) from the Rothbury music festival. The site looks great, check it out.

Hope you are well.
Cheers, Meg

PS Hope you noticed (and like) my new banner artwork. I still have small adjustments to make.
Also today I have simplified my site (tangerine epiphany dot com) in content and look.

Gore talk and LiveTown links

Hello dearest, sweetest and cleverest of Readers!

As I mentioned I have been pottering around on the net following green links, and came across this video (GreenLiving blog pointed it out). Al Gore’s updated Climate Change talk is about 25 minutes long. I found it inspiring and positive. He does say we need to act, and suggests that we can rise to the challenge.

I said I would give you the LiveTown Club link when there was content, well now there is! I guest blogged on it too! How fun is that? (I tells ya, it was fun).
[Live Town currently in recess, link removed]

Thanks for reading,

Green links, musings and activities

Greetings, Sweet Peas! Hope you are all thriving.

I have a link to a couple of sites for you today. Check out the lovely Breathing Earth, it is a real-time visual record of the earths human births, deaths and CO2 emissions. I found it surprisingly engaging and kind of relaxing to watch. I think it is in Flash, I am not certain how long it may take to download, as I had it download whilst I slept.

I got onto that site as I was pottering around following lots of green links, and found some great stuff. I will probably subscribe to the Aussie ones, cos it’s easier when the seasons match up, but it’s way heartening to read of people in all countries who are thinking along similar lines. Lots of Canadian environmental activity by the looks of it. I even downloaded a free permaculture ebook from David Holmgren’s site. He has other material available for purchase also.

Would you like a list of my latest plant aquisitions? Here it is anyway!

There have been 2 Batches:
I have already planted onions, tat soi (seed, and already germinated), broccoli, parsley, pansies and lettuces. I put the fruit tree netting over the vegie garden to keep the cats out. (They think it’s their “bathroom” otherwise!)
Awaiting planting are strawberries (will go under the peach tree), Male and Female Kiwi Fruit (they should have a chance to get established over autumn/winter/spring and thus hopefully be a bit robust by the time the hot summer arrives), thornless blackberry (I do love my thornless berries, even at the nursery the thorny ones were decidedly spikey to handle), and a marjoram plant.

The other thing I have done recently, which I don’t think I had mentioned is re-joined LETS (Local Exchange Trading System), this is a kind of formalised barter system, which runs in parallel with the national economic system. I see it as a natural community building system, and an alternative trading option as inflation becomes a bitey reality of our times. It’s fun too, to go to the markets.

You may gather from all of the above that I am renewed in my urgency and commitment to living a little more greenly. I have been thinking, even if global warming is not an exactly accurate scientific happening, we are still “messing up” our own nest.
The things we need to do which would slow (halt?) global warming will still make the earth a nicer cleaner home.

Hope I haven’t been TOO lefty for you today, it’s just the mood I’m in.
Tons of great stuff to you all,

Flyer flies

Hello Petals!
Hope you are all well and happy.

This is the promotional flyer (not a trapeze flyer!) design that I have been working on for the upcoming live music event:

flyer for event1

Will upload a photo when the correlating sign board is ready too.
I won’t always be able to show you all the work-for-others that I have been doing, but will show you things for which I can get clearance.

Just to let you know, I have scrapped the free eNewsletter due to lack of interest. If anyone wants to get forewarned of new artwork becoming available, just stay tuned to this blog, or email me. Easy!

Have a great day,

Autumn Activity

Greetings, dear Readers!

Thanks heaps for all your visits, the hit counter of this blog just stepped over 800! Wow, that sounds like a lot.

Good news! I got permission to show you the LiveTown items (flyer and signboard) once they are done. It is a (mainly) Graphic Design project I am doing for my RainDance friend, who is organising a series of live music events. I have been charged with giving these events a visual personality. I have also encouraged her to set up with a blog and so forth, I am such a techy-head! I will give you a link to the blog once there starts to be content. The artwork, however should be good to show you next week.
That is one of the things I have been doing that has precluded my printmaking advancing. It’s useful art though, I like designing.

The weather has been more constant and Autumny, rather than extreme and thought-provoking, which is a nice respite. My morning runs and walks have been made comfortable by the milder weather; and so enhanced by listening to the hopeful, original etown broadcasts, I can hardly tell you.

Take good care of yourselves,
(However much you don’t want to take on board what ads say, You ARE actually worth it!)

Rain and Seedlings, Parking ticket and Blogs

Hello Lovelies!

As I begin, I am not sure what I am going to tell you about today, but I do want to let you know that I am thinking of you.

Half my run this morning was in beautiful rain. It wasn’t that cold whilst actually running, but my glasses were full of water droplets by the time I got back home. Blurry.

I bought vegie (and pansy) seedlings yesterday. The little plants have had some lovely rainwater today, and are now under shelter, still in their punnets, incase of overnight hail. If no more hail is expected, I hope to plant them over the weekend. I guess I should think about snail bait, as the rain will bring out those seedling-eating creatures.

This morning I had a meeting and took my car to town, but didn’t take the time to read the parking instructions carefully, and got a parking ticket. Haven’t had one for a long time, luckily it was only $19!

I am having lots of fun reading posts, posts and more posts that get delivered to my blog reader. Links lead to other links, it’s interesting to hear from different perspectives. People can be quite wise and inspiring sometimes.

Haven’t progressed on the lino (guilt, guilt!) but have been doing various artwork for friends. I will try to get permission to show you some of it when it is finished.

Hoping things are going well for you,