Cat Coloring Page for Adults

Barely any colour on this page, Tangerine Meg? What?

You and I both adore color, right? Here I’ve made a coloring page for adults – for you to colour in!

watercolour-y pink background with pale hand-lettered looking font saying "Cat Coloring Page for Adults" with a jauntily tilted image of black and white cat colouring page

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Get in the flow with gorgeous colour!

Have you noticed when you’re focussed on coloring in a pattern or drawing, it’s kind of meditative, and you feel more centered? Moving that coloured pencil or marker with your hand is very different from tapping on your keyboard or thumb-navigating around your phone. It puts you in the moment, right? Then when you’re done, that flow state has changed your day for the better…

Black and white downloadable line drawing of a happy sovereign cat for printing out at home and colouring in

Here’s a fun sovereign cat to drench with colour a-plenty! I’d love to see what colours you choose on this coloring page for adults – post a photo on my Tangerine Meg Visual Artist Facebook wall if you feel to :)

Get a downloadable printable patterned cat for yourself

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Love Meg x o

Watercolour background in pinks with pale hand-lettered looking font saying "Cat Coloring Page for Adults" with an askew image of black and white cat colouring page








Cat Coloring Page for Adults — 5 Comments

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  2. I love, love, LOVE! the cat coloring page. It is sooooo cooool. I guess you know I will color the cat orange like my Pythagorus (Pythy). Thanks!

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