Live Bold List 48: In defense of Listicles

In which I put forward that the maligned blog format, a list – sometimes fondly (or not) known as a listicle – is as valid as other post structures.

Header featuring cat art, post in defence of the humble list post

Live Bold List 48: In defense of Listicles

  1. I think a list can be just as deep, complex, beautiful and connecty as another article! It depends how you approach reading and writing them… I like the structure of a list and try to write as much detail and explanation as I would in a well-edited sentence or paragraph.
  2. A list is a ‘specially relatable format if you are an organised and action oriented person.
  3. Calling it a listicle kind of indicates they’re ephemeral or melty like a popsicle, right? Or is it a reference somehow to a testicle (which they also rhyme with)? << Not gonna follow that train of thought! I think lists are as strong and lasting as their content, not weakened by their structure.
  4. My preference with prose is for it to be nicely broken up, illustrated, have headers, and maybe even small numbered/bulleted sections. Why not introduce with a sentence, have the bulk as some hearty listiness and even illustrate within the listicle? (Or not, as today).
  5. I love doing a link list to cool stuff I’ve found on the net, and finding new things that way, too!
  6. It’s a great ‘limitation’ to make sure you’re succinct! The numbering somehow guides you/me/the writer to make points clearly, which I think is a good thing.
  7. I myself have written about 48 list posts – I like ’em! Happy to share thoughts, feelings or other points in a list!

In other news

Had a lovely time on Sunday, when Yaisa and I held space for 6 beautiful souls to make a start and a difference to their 2018. Shining Lights.

6 beautiful souls holding up their vision boards for 2018 in a wood-lined yoga studio

What are your thoughts on list blog posts, dear one?

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o



PS Want to read a longer post by me? Check out this Series: Be Kind Part 1 and Be Kind Part 2, both have many pictures, thoughts and activities and require much scrolling :)

PS 2 Go Australia! The postal vote came back with a majority saying “yes” to marriage equality! Of course we want to treat everyone as equally able to marry under the law! Want a celebratory tshirt? Go here :)

PS 3 We do however have a lot of work to do regarding welcoming guests in distress. :( Here are 2 sites where you can help: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Gifts for Manus and Nauru (the second is where you pay for phone credit so folk can keep in touch with their people).

PS 4 See below or click this to check out my November the current Print of the Month :) Limited numbers <3









New Thing: Print of the Month!

watercolour red and purple background with hand-lettered looking font saying "New Thing: Print of the Month" with an angled image of a nasturtium watercolour still life by Tangerine MegLast week I assembled the final pieces for something I’ve been wanting to offer for ages. I was recommended to a place that does superb quality giclee prints, ordered a few to test out both the print and choose a suitable paper stock, figured out how to pack and mail them, and set up my online gallery shop with the first one!

Print of the Month – it’s here!

I’m now offering superb reproductions of my artwork in limited editions – just 25 this time – printed with archival pigment ink on gorgeous acid free paper, hand-numbered and signed by yours truly. This inaugural edition will be available throughout October 2017 or until 25 are sold, whichever happens first.

I picked (get it? picked!) Nasturtiums in Handmade Glass for the first because it’s been a tribe favourite. Maybe because of the intriguing light reflecting and refracting around the nasturtium stems in the glass? What do you think? Also: general #nasturtiumobsession

Technical details

The paper size is A3 (297mm x 420mm or about 11.5″ by 16.5″) allowing white space around the image for mounting if you choose to use it, though it also would be perfectly lovely displayed in the crystal clear cellophane bag it will ship in. There’s a foam core backing so you can lean it up in your office or sun room for display, or get a simple A3 frame to show it off.

This is still in the experimental phase – note the beta price which I’ll hold for as many months as I can before I need to increase it!

You had me at Print of the Month… Technology permitting, just below this sentence is a little picture and Add to Cart button, etc. If not, click this to get whoooshed to see the current Print of the Month in my gallery shop.


What do you reckon?

Do you have a favourite picture of mine you’d like to see as a print? I’d love to hear your suggestions! :)

What have you taken step-after-baby-step towards and made come true that you’ve really wanted? I’d love to hear, either below  or in the Facebook comments.

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

PS Print of the Month is here :)

PS2 I’ve been sending our Bold Art for Bold Causes order percentage contributions to TPRF as usual, lately directing it to “Where the Need is Greatest”. There is much humanitarian aid needed right now. Sending love and light to affected souls, too.

PS3 I’ve ordered another wave of calendars… if you want to ensure you get yours, order here! Mwah! Talk soon :)




Bold Living 59: Georgia O’Keeffe on flowers and friends

watercolour red and purple background with hand-lettered looking font wiht Georgia O'Keeffe quote, with an angled image of a nasturtium watercolour still life by Tangerine MegI so appreciate you – thank you for coming here, and reading this!

Pretty sure I’ve featured this Georgia O’Keeffe quote before; it fluttered again at my temples for this nasturtium still life picture with the reflect-y refract-y light in the glass. It’s such a lovely thought, ‘cos it reminds us to make the time to see a flower and/or a friend. Funny that she would’ve said this back in the 1920s or so, and we can barely imagine things being so time consuming as they are now… I guess there’s always a juggle!

Have a great week!
Love Meg x o


PS if you like this picture, check out my New Thing: Print of the Month. Nasturtiums in Handmade Glass is the October 2017 image – indeed the first image! – for these superb prints of my artwork. I’m swooning over the gorgeous paper and print quality.SaveSave




Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 2

The scene is Parliament House, the event is a Marriage Equality rally…

This my favourite sign at the Marriage Equality Rally, and what a perfect segue (segway?) from Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 1 to the second set of photos!sign outside Parliament House: "Have Courage and Be Kind"

It was really nice to be at a rally for something positive – recognition of love – rather than the recent need to show up and shout about destructive things that need to be stopped! I know there will likely be further steps once the law changes (back) but Marriage Equality is at least a measurable, specific goal along the way.

I couldn’t get a clear photo of these signs:

  • “If Penny was PM we’d all be having a brunch right now”
  • I wasn’t going to ask your father, now I have to ask the whole f*ing country
  • YES with a picture of Mr Burns from the Simpsons
  • A family wearing t-shirts reading “I know what my family is worth ~ Penny Wong”
  • There were other great ones, too, but I can’t remember all the cleverness, d’oh!

Penny Wong, the Penny mentioned above ^^^ (twice) gave a speech:

Penny Wong speaking at the Adelaide Marriage Equality rally

Here is my favourite sight… So iconic and happy, right?

Re-looking through the pictures, I’m liking the grand grey classical architecture as a backdrop to the rainbow finery.

images from a marriage equality rally

I’ve kept people back or side view as much as I can, because I don’t know how to begin to find anyone who’s in the pics, so I’ve gone with an I-can’t-ask-their-permission-so-I’m-not-including-their-faces-on-my-blog policy.

We couldn’t hear the speeches, just the chants – the organisers hadn’t realised just how far the amplification would need to reach! It was a 5,000 strong crowd, reaching beyond the tram line in the centre of the road!

These t-shirts with my art on them have been selling well… Us Australians must be taking our time to get around to this, ‘cos I made this artwork years ago and we’re still working on it. Click the picture if you want to order a t-shirt, clock – “It’s time!” – leggings, or phone cover, etc, for your very own!

Items with rainbow heart Marriage Equality artwork by Tangerine Meg. Items are tshirt, mobile phone case, spiral bound journal, leggings a clock and a studio pouch.

Can we pleeee-ease Be Kind and inclusive?

There’s beyond enough destructive squabbling on this planet right now. Can we please reach out with a little kindness to each other? The whole of society is stronger if we include everybody.

The Australian marriage equality postal survey is nothing but what it says – it’s not linked to school programs, or to the decisions of churches, or other incorrectly associated things I’m not going through here. Reinstating marriage equality is choosing social inclusion, fairness, kindness.

Beautiful friends and family, I support you. So do many many others. I hope we get a big ‘yes’ from Australia and that the law changes (back).

me on the train with the sunshine behind me, overlaid with seth godin book entitled "we are all weird"

My and Tangerine Man’s marriage isn’t perfect, but nobody tried to prevent or argue against us getting married. Why should all adults not have the chance of the same opportunity and recognition?

<<< Here is me after the rally, in my rainbow accessories, overlaid with the cover of the Seth Godin book I was going to read on the way home. I didn’t read it though, ‘cos I felt a bit sick on the warm train after maybe not quite enough lunch. Quite soon after, I drank some coconut water and felt much better – and I’ve been continuing the book at home :)

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend/week! Leave a kind comment below if you like! Hateful comments will be deleted without discussion.

You are awesome!
Talk soon,
Meg x o


PS Be Kind A2 poster prints (from Part 1) are here. Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 1 is here.

PS 2 Marriage Equality rainbow heart t-shirts are here.

PS 3 If you’d like to share on Pinterest, use this tall image…

Photos from Marriage Equality rally as a header image for Be Kind blog post
















Work in Progress: Be Kind -Part 1

I love collaborating with people who respond like this to my artwork offerings:

A screenshot from a mobile phone showing artwork on a screen and a reply saying "love"And I am rather nerding out that the title of this blog post, not only refers to the artwork and sketches below and relates to the rainbow rally I went to on the weekend (more on that in Part 2) but also reminds us me that being kind to self and others is a process!

I was invited to contribute my artwork to a lovely event in Adelaide. The Be Kind theme is one of my favourites, and it was a no-brainer to say “yes!” Here are some of the first drawings on the theme of BeKind:

The final result needed to be horizontal, so I took the middle one (can you see the little pencilled ‘this one’ star at bottom right?) and redrew in a horizontal format. The final artwork is below. I then scanned and re-traced within the computer so it could blow up and shrink down without losing quality.

left hand holding a page of a spiral bound book with "Be Kind" typographic illustration marker drawingHere is the final event picture. I took the grainy photography at right – with my phone – as the light faded! You may have seen the postcard-sized version on my instagram.

By the way, Project Work Life and I are making available an A2-sized, signed print, limited to just 20 or however many are ordered by Friday, whichever comes first! Go here to get your Be Kind print, pick up only.

Woman in Marriage Equality top beside a poster of a marker drawing with patterned yellow and purple lettering spelling out "Be Kind"

This Red Bubble mockup lady is wearing the Marriage Equality rainbow artwork from my Red Bubble page. More on that in the next post, or click the picture to check it out right now! She’s my visual segue (segway?) to the Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 2.

Remember to be kind to yourself! Hopefully learning even more how that works will make for more ease when you are being kind to others. See also: Full cup, overflowing.

Have a great week!
Love Meg x o


PS Be Kind art prints available here until Friday or sold out.

PS2 Marriage Equality rainbow art t-shirts are here. Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 2 is here.

PS 3 If you want to share this on Pinterest (please do), use this tall version!

3 drawing book pages in a column with header type and a watercolour yellow background















Work in Progress: Pomegranate

Gorgeous gifted Autumn fruit leads to luscious still life!

Header image for "Work in Progress: Pomegranate in blue and white bowl" Tangerine Meg art

Mother Nature you surprising, wonderful thing!

Who could have know when our permaculture garden designer – and bold art calendar stockist – Nadja from Nadja’s Garden came around bearing a large pomegranate, that a colour still life was hiding inside? I didn’t!

I cut through the firm skin and beheld such rich colour I was drawn to begin a painting featuring the wonder! Here are some stages of the drawing process:

Two panels with early and later stages of drawing on a pomegranate still life. The hand is shown holding the dip pen in both panels


It’s not easy to hold the phone in my left hand and hover my right – without messing up the drawing!

Here’s a pic from somewhere in between those two ^^ of the drawing stage, including my salubrious equipment! The tablecloth is an inherited seer sucker (Note: not “See ya, sucker!” Haha!) cotton, and the blue flower and ikea circle cloth behind was pinned up before we had curtains with actual curtain rods to keep out that late Summer heat.

Here’s a little section of the artwork, finished. Click through to see completed and in entirety in my gallery shop. Or even make it your own if it’s calling to you!


What’s your feeling when you look at this?
(Seedy? Haha.)
I’d love to hear on Facebook or below in the comments.



Talk soon!
Much love,
Meg x o



PS New art collector or want to be? Click this to learn about framing artworks on paper – it’s not as other worldly as you think! – and click this to check out my new Art Collectors board on Pinterest!

PS2 Beside calendars held by dear stockists, I’ve just seven (7) copies left of the 2018 Cat Calendars, 14 left of Bold Women and 26 Still Life … click this if you want to be sure and get yours! The Pomegranate pic is featured in June of the 2018 Still Lifes calendar.

PS3 If you want to share this on Pinterest (please do), use this tall version!
Pomegranate still life in progress, with checked cloth and blue and white bowl

Why I love printed calendars

Why do I have a place in my heart for a printed art calendar in this era of electronic scheduling?

Header image for blog post, with a watercolour background overlaid with photo of Tangerine Meg holding a 2018 art calendar with a Bold Art for Bold Souls sign behind and a glimpse of a framed watercolour painting of nasturtiums

I’ve been producing my bold art calendars for 5 years now. All the time, I’m learning what people like about them, and finding my own joys and insights amongst the process. One friend said:

Double daily inspiration from Tangerine Meg’s beautiful art AND the inspiring quotations on her calendars!
~ Michele McCrae, Adelaide

Thank You card on a pile of Bold Women art calendars amidst being wrapped in bubble wrap


I like the physical constraint of space on a real page … if there’s not enough room to write it in the boundaries of the little rectangle, maybe there’s not time to do it in the day! [Are you fighting the tendency to over-schedule yourself or your family, too?]

If you have to walk into another room or come home to check in with the calendar on your fridge, you’re prevented from accidentally overcommitting when on the spot! As well as an antidote to simple double booking, this builds in a feeling of general spaciousness and decreases pressure.

In my bold art calendars, along with enough-but-not-too-much space, are vibrant pictures to make us smile, plus thoughtful quotations give something to think about during the day/month.

“… just want to say I am loving the quotes on this years calendar… I say thank you to you every morning as I read them!”
~ anonymous bold soul

an art calendar page featuring a rainbow cat painting, and the matching cat art picture on a computer screen

I love putting pictures, type and other elements together. [studied Graphic Design twice, dontcha know?]

This work in progress picture <<< of the Thea (Rainbow Goddess) page of the 2018 cat bold art calendar gets meta pretty fast…
I made a real painting, which was scanned into an electronic format, which was then printed into a real calendar. Then, took photos for showing you online, to order and get a real one in the mail!

My point though: art calendars are fun to make!

It’s almost time to turn your 2017 calendar page over to September. Shall we all do it together on September the first? With different time zones, it might be more like a page fluttering mexican wave of September-turning-pages around the world over the course of hours? That sounds airy and lovely!

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

PS if you only listen to one podcast this week, let it be this one. We need to share as many reminders as possible that we’re all human and connected and in this together, right?

PS2 Have you organised your art calendar/s yet for 2018 2019? Click this to go to my gallery shop and get yours… Sales are going healthily especially for August. #haveiprintedenough #limitededition #notprintinganymore

PS3 Can I get a virtual high-5 for *not* doing this little ramble as a list? Not that there’s anything wrong with lists at all – I do them often and I’ve a rant brewing about that! Stay tuned :)


Why I Love Paper Calendars in white text with a watercolour background, and featuring an art calendar cover with a thank you card photo.

Bold Living 58: Matisse on serene things and annoyances

Quote by Matisse on a watercolour rainbow backgroundMatisse seems to have had a similar approach to his art that we do with social media … wanting to uplift, not impart annoyance! Although I’ve a designer’s eye and want my social media feeds to be congruent, I am also cautious of curating my sharing to within a whisker of (my idea of) perfection.

Remember, I previously wrote upon the positives of social media here.

For the sake of my own privacy and overall vibe of my contribution, neither do I want to share every gritty grimy bit of day.

Mr Matisse doesn’t say to fake the serenity. It sounds more that he’s into a story that’s beyond the Good-Bad realm. That’s hard for an enneagram 1 to even say, but I’m slowly learning more nuance as I get older!

It’s a cyclic thing with social media, too: Have a nice day and want to share a photo, but then stay too long and need a break!
I think the Instagram bold soul / commenters who responded “It Depends” on this annoyances/serenity Matisse quote are right!

Ideally, I aim for uplift-based-on-reality – life itself is quirky and beautiful. Shall we play  our day as best we can, and aim for an overall real / positive contribution on social media? … I’d love to hear your approach below, or on my Facebook page! #irony :)

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

water colour background overlaid with bold art calendar covers in themes: cats, bold women and still lifes

PS 2018 Bold Art Calendars are flying out to good homes! Click the picture to order yours!

PS2 Regarding my last-post-but-one’s ideas, here’s an absolutely fascinating addition to that conversation.

watercolour background with hand-written-looking font with a Matisse quote

Bold Living 57: Danger, Queen Victoria, Danger!

Queen Victoria quote on a watercolour background. It reads "Beware of Artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous"In case the image doesn’t work, here’s the quote in text:

Beware of Artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.
~ Queen Victoria

That cracks me up! You’re probably like me, and think that mixing with all classes – all humans – is a brilliant, life-affirming thing! Not that we do ‘classes’ so much these days. I hope.

Check this out: Ann Isik wrote a reply to my Art-Life-Education blog post! How exciting and wonderful! I love and adore her comment to me:

It’s important in these very troubled times to affirm and keep affirming Truth and Beauty, Love and Kindness, and wherever and whenever possible, passing these affirmations on strengthens the wonderful global network of artists (and scientists) working daily for these things to prevail. All Power to you and your elbow! :)

Sending love and light!
Talk soon,
Love Meg x

Live Bold List 56: Art, Life and Education

Header image for blog post: "art life education" featuring black patterned chicken walking left to right and backed by autumn garden in watercolour

You might think as a long time artist, graphic designer, student and teacher that I’d’ve had my head around the importance of art & education forever, right? No! I had to work through a bunch of disbelief (and creativity shame) that the skills I’ve learned over so many years are valuable and important to life, society, even the planet! [Design I ‘got’ quicker. It increases quality of life through practicality combined with aesthetics. Clearly.]

Although I’ve arrived late to this party, smart kind people agree that art is a valuable thread to weave consciously into a healthy society.

It makes me happy that these ideas are in the world, and, I dearly want to share them with you along with a couple of non-link thoughts… [I know three of the points are Save The Planet related – hey it’s important! – I thought the points made were varied enough for them to each have their own numeral!]

  1. Art and science are not, in fact, opposites. Whaaaaaat? They are interdependent branches of humans’ quest for understanding. Science & maths are needed for pretty much all aspects of art, from the formulation of art materials and paper construction, to maths for proportions, and technology to share it. There is no true ‘versus’ in “Art v. Science” (see below for a You Tube video by the terrific band of that name!)
  2. Save the planet! Art, in turn collaborates right back with science, to clarify complex concepts or to wrap relatable concepts around the hugeness and helplessness of impending climate change. Art can help with dreaming up a world where we respect and act upon climate science – or don’t – by using other dimensions of communication. (See number 5).

    ” … climate communication needs to engage people at a philosophical, sensory and feeling level. People need to be able to feel and touch the new climate reality; to explore unfamiliar emotional terrain and be helped to conceive their existence differently.”

  3. Artists can be used to good effect to envision that we really can bring ourselves back from corporate overrun eco-disaster: Here’s a call from Ursula LeGuin, Science Fiction writer, [her job title is a poster girl for today’s topic!for writers to imagine an alternative future. What a rad-ly awesome lady she is. And doesn’t she look gleeful in the photo?
  4. Here’s a fascinating podcast: Jonathan Fields interviews Amy Herman, the “Artist who Teaches Cops to See”. Amy is an Art Lady who teaches police about art to help develop their observation skills!
  5. You know the seven learning styles – visual / logical / aural / physical / verbal / social / solitary? If we present information with a mix and match of media and styles, we can communicate better (see number 3). Graphics & Animation, themselves a mix of maths, science and art, help convey stories and ideas, and scientific illustration and photography are fascinating fields, too.
  6. Here are lots of reasons drawing education is important.
  7. Historical records of things we didn’t even know we needed to record! We move so fast, don’t we? Need to pause and think a moment! What are we doing?
  8. Science making art, helping environment. Fascinating and beautiful!

    “… we have been told that there are two antipodean hemispheres in the brain: the creative and the analytical. In this show you get both and these two projects don’t seem nearly so opposed.”

  9. Art is a way to express ourselves, process events, feelings, etc. This is important for the practitioner’s well being and ability to contribute to their community. See also #10 for both the recipient and the maker.
  10. The happiness, or whatever feeling or message, that went into the artwork passes on to the observer/reader etc and lifts up everyone’s quality of life.


I believe we need all our strengths, all our hearts, all our wisdom and all our team work … [I’ve just deleted a long list of specific, so as not to leave anyone out!] It’s going to take us all. And we’ll do better if we understand and appreciate our own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Wait … what just happened?

Heh, this post turned out to be about Everything! Haha. I hope it gave you some hope. I’ve been pretty much not watching the news at all except from trusted sources, for the depression and helplessness and despair it brings is really.not.useful for the sensitive soul’s ability to function and contribute!

A healthy society values the arts, keeps them as part of educational curriculums and to enrich people’s lives. Art adds fiscal value as well as quality of life to people everywhere.

In line with making art education available, I’m currently developing a beginners painting and drawing course, “Where Art Meets Self Care”. To hear about it first, sign up for my mailing list!

“Dude. Drawing is a learnable skill.”

Have you thoughts on art, life, education, society? Chime in below or on Facebook … or, reply by writing a blog post and we can put a link in the comments :D

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

PS Time to buy your 2018 calendar? Get in early so you can have the theme you desire :)

PS 2 A great song from the band “Art v. Science”… as mentioned earlier, a fun band name for a terrific band, not an actual dichotomy!




Tall image with a watercolour background. There's a painting of a person in flowery boots walking along with a chicken. The title declares "Live Bold List 56: Life-art-education"