Custom Illustrations

Your Word of the Year. Illustrated just for you.

Choosing a Word of the Year supports you to succeed in your goals for the year, and is often more flexible and lasts longer than a New Years resolution!

Have you chosen your guiding Word for this Year?

Let me bring your Word of the Year to life, with a custom bold illustration lettered and decorated just for you. The flowers and other patterns intrigue your eye, as your heart and mind are lovingly galvanised towards your intention.

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These are bespoke outline, black pen drawings on white, and are suitable to colour in or keep as is. Either way, very graphic! Whether you colour inside, outside or beside the lines, I hope you enjoy the uplift, zenning out and motivation of this started-for-you word art. Can’t wait to see your happy colours!

You can paste your word onto your Vision Board, or blu-tak it near your screen for inspiration. Other great places for your pretty word include: on the fridge or your mirror, beside your bed or inside your closet door, or the inside the house door so it’s the final thing you see as you head out into the world. Or even simply have it at hand as a cheerleading bookmark!

In this busy world, you *know* your work place, parents, children and community are the richer for you doing your own personal growth work!

Decorated Words of the Year, saying "Dream Big"

“Thank you, Meg, that is SO beautiful! It is stunning –
winged, whimsical and wish-fulfilling.
It will help me dream big throughout the year!”
~ Michele, 2018

How this will work

Order your custom illustrated Word of the Year now to have this resource in hand ready for the year!

When ordering, pop the Word you want illustrated in the Notes Section at check out – and I’ll get your illustration to you within a week (subject to work flow).

Your Word of the Year PDF

I’ll send you a PDF (Portable Document Format, suitable for both Mac and PC) of your Word of the Year, decorated, ready for you to print out.

Your PDF will be sized at A4, that’s 210mm x 297mm, or approximately 8″ x 11.5″. Print out on a medium weight paper that your printer can manage!

There will be at least 10mm of white space at the edges so none of the drawing gets cut off – which as you know can be a pitfall of even modern home printing devices.

As in the examples shown here, you can see that recipients’ names are tucked in amongst the letters.

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“This is so beautiful.  I love the Día de Muertos skull – in memory of friends passed.  How appropriate for me …”
~ Shandy, 2018


Quirky Artist Drawings for a Modern Hippie’s yearly intentions

Why me (Tangerine Meg)?

As long as I can remember I’ve been curious about affirmations and positivity. More recently, I’ve acknowledged the power of starting and moving through a year with chosen intentions, and the magnetism and power of visual prompts and decorations.

I love drawing, inspiring words and cues to motivation, and came up with this idea when building my yearly collage (aka. vision board) … I noticed a lack of available illustrated hints, knew this was a niche I could embrace, and decided to offer my drawing as a service to others for their own spaces and intentions.

A well-chosen word decorated to intrigue the eye affirms the spirit. I’m happy to support you bringing your hopes and dreams to life, putting my energy and creativity towards your big intention, making it even more powerful.

Love and Light,
Tangerine Meg x o

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