Piratey and Bloggy Action

Ahoy me heaaarrty readers!

An encore presentation of etown has alerted me to a great new site which I just need to let you know about.

There is a writing tutoring service in the US called 826 Valencia and it’s supported by a pirate supplies shop. I shall link you also to the signs page [link removed, broken] as it made me laugh out loud for a long time. I also recommend the Store Log as being a good & funny read.

Coincidentally I had yesterday been taking an interest in “Talk like a pirate day”, September 19th. Take this link to look at a Pirate Keyboard. And here is a little graphic I got after doing a questionnaire to find out my Pirate Name:

My pirate name is:
Calico Bess Bonney

Often indecisive, you can’t even choose a favorite color. You’re apt to follow wherever the wind blows you, just like Calico Jack Rackham, your namesake. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate’s life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com
part of the fidius.org network

I signed up to blog about poverty on October 15. Here’s one of their nice banners:

[removed, not working]

As you can see I am experimenting with putting bits of code from various places in. They seem to work well.

Cheerio and avast me Hearties! Go forth and have a hornpipey weekend!
Meg/Calico Bess Bonney

Turn up the volume

Greetings you Wonders!

I found a few interesting blogs yesterday, while wasting time pottering around on the intertron.

I liked Fortyfied‘s concept of NWTC (Not Worth the Calories! That’s about quality and choice). (See my Other Blog on this if you like, I have tizzied it up to look nice since I last wrote). I will put my Other Blog into the blogroll here, then not mention it too much, as the point is to get THAT theme of thoughts out of THIS blog! (now a private blog)
Notice I learned to use that strike-through tool. Very pleased with myself.

Little Miss Matched’s blog has a new interview with Stacy Julian, who brought this lovely quote to my attention:
Once you figure out who you are, turn up the volume!
-Michael Bungay Stanier

I like that as a good idea to finish with.

Sweet Day, or (for North Hemisphere) Sweet Dreams!

Meg's new blog

Hi guys!

Didn’t want to bore you with weight loss posts, so have started another blog: “Reclaiming sanity around weight loss and maintenance”. Check it out if it’s relevant to you. It’s pretty rough – no theme yet, or sorting out of the side bar, or About section, but I have written a very short post! (now a private blog)

Now I am off for a walk in the Spring sunshine. It’s beautiful to feel the warmth after a particularly cold winter. And strangely co-ordinated with the start of September this year.

Take care,

A bit more to the story

Hope you all you beautiful bloggy-persons all had a lovely weekend,

Just to clarify from last time, this is the way I imagined the animation would appear:

basketball wall with my idea for animation superimposed

basketball wall with my idea for animation superimposed

Thanks for your responses (to my comment, and here at my blog) Vered (of MomGrind). I am liking the way the world seems smaller, friendlier as connections build.

Good luck all for a happy and sucessful week,

Bloom where you’re planted

And I need to take on my own suggestion (ie. bloom where I am planted, or in this case where my animation is planted) and not get stressed about a silver, self-cleaning toilet block that sprung up in the time between choosing the wall for my site-specific animation and the date for the SALA walking tour with projector transported on a special bike.

This is what the wall looked like when I chose it (note the big pole in left foreground):

wall near new bus station

wall near new bus station

and this is it now:

wall with new shiny development

wall with new shiny entity

This is a picture of where the resourceful team were able to project the animated 80 seconds through between the shiny silver construction and the big pole:

Resourcefully found projection position

Resourcefully found projection position

Here is the link to how my work looked on the wall. Thanks Doll Yoko for the photo and for putting the photo on your art/free & open source software/politics website. I appreciate it. That link is now broken so I will upload the pic here for your enjoyment. Thanks to Doll Yoko for giving me a copy of the photos she took:

Will let you know when I have figured out how to post the animation to YouTube, and you can have a look.

I just noticed I’m actually not complaining, I just thought it was all an interesting development and outcome, and a personalised side story I was able to add to the mosaic.

The walk as a whole was really great. Well organised, well presented, well-chosen matches of film to the various locations. People were great to work with, beyond the call of duty helpfulness. (Thanks for the font-save Luku!)

By the way, at the “Duck Park” down the street the happy ducks have 7 ducklings, growing up fast!


Etsy and SALA rock (updates)

Greetings fellow inhabiters of BlogWorld,

During July and August I am happy (and encouraged) to say that some of my printmaking work has gone to good homes, some locally, some via Air Mail.

As of today, I have also updated my Tangerine Meg etsy shop listings to include some new prints that are printed, painted and available.
For this here blog, I have fresh uploads too, which need a new theme maybe (as they are neither “Happy People” nor “Cat Prints”). They are a dove, mandarins etc, with pears to follow. Hmmm…How about Nature As Design Element? Too long perhaps? …Now I’ve decided, it’s called Design from Nature; feel welcome to have a look at my simple new page.
The next updating needs to be my own card shop. Will let you know when that is done.

More details later on my SALA screening that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I will tell the whole story when I get a link to a particular photo someone took.

Wishing you peace,

3 more reasons why my cat was a better person

Hi there again,

It didn’t take me long to figure out that there are more reasons why my cat was a better person than I can foresee becoming. So here they are:

4 Unassuming. Magpie the cat was less full of herself, and more observant, seeing what she could do for others.

4a Self-aware (in the good way). She knew where and who she was and how she related to what was going on around her.

5 Positive. I never saw her get stuck into a gripe, whine, moan or whinge session.

6 Calm. Centred in the midst of family life, not always the most tranquil spot.

I have a long way to go but I guess keeping her great qualities in mind keeps me pointed in the right direction.


3 ways to be a better person by being like my cat

Hi DearHearts!

Hope you are having a good week.

Hand coloured lino print of black and white cat in a garden

This morning on my walk I was thinking about our georgeous cat Magpie. She had at least three lovely qualities that I feel I would like to aspire to:

1 Loving. She was understanding too, somehow.

2 Nimble. The lightness of a cat’s leap. Almost flight.

3 Smart. She could open an unlatched door. Other cats I have known haven’t figured out how to get their paw around the edge of the door. (Another of our much loved cats hasn’t even figured out which side the door opens, and is frequently seen gazing in anticipation at the hinge side!) Also see Loving, Understanding above.

In circus training mini-news: I am a little closer to a free-standing hand-stand, and a little closer to a cartwheel. I seem to be getting worse and worse on the stilts, however! (Perhaps it is just exhaustion).

Take care,



Smart young women, 2 videos

Hooray! I’m back! Hope you have been safe, well and happy!

I have 2 links for you today:

1 A child ambassador [link removed, broken] talking to adults. I thought she spoke powerfully and was brave.

2  PR guru Paris Hilton also being very smart. The video she is replying to is also linked to at this post (which is by Word-of-Mouth marketing specialists Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba) at the Church of the Customer blog.

I have work in progress to tell you about next time.

Lots of fabulousness to you all,

Joie de painting

Hello (maybe) arty (probably) bloggy (pretty sure you’re) humans (no offence to any other reading sentients or entities, all welcome)!

Firstly, I will give you a link to gouache at artslice which simply explains the difference between gouache and watercolours, and has a nice photo.

I am working on painting some prints. It is so lovely painting yellow, cadmium yellow to be exact (yummy-doodles). The smooth stroke of the brush and the colour materialises like liquid shiny sunshine. I just got the feeling to tell you that; in reality all of the colours give me a buzz, and when you put them next to each other…glee!

I was sorting out some prints and in doing so realised how many times I had printed “Joy Riding” in order to get the 9 that printed cleanly and blackly enough to be an edition. I counted them: 11 + the 9 good ones, + 3 APs (Artists Proofs – trials of progressing prints, in this case used to trial colours), so that’s 23. Crikey, it is a good thing I changed my mind from wanting to do an edition of 15!

I have changed track with Joy Dancing Within, remember her? I have been to-ing and fro-ing with the colour plan. The colour schemes (“stories” in fashion lingo) were originally to try to get the dress to stand out and contrast with the background. Now I am taking another tack, and intergrating the whole thing with lots of different greens, and maybe a sunny yellow background(!).

Quote of the day (attributed to Madonna): “The best thing about getting older is getting smarter”.

Keep your glass half full,