Work in Progress: *Succulent, Geranium and Honeymoon Fabric* watercolour painting

I breezed past this pidture back when I started my #100PicturesProject back in 2018. This shows you the steps a little more closely that went into creating this painting …

For our honeymoon in 2009, my new husband and I visited amazing Borneo at the recommendation of a friend. It was tropical, humid [hello heat fungus on my fingers]  and we saw elephants and orang-utans in reserves, rode horses and parachute kite thingies over the ocean. We brought back gorgeous fabrics and one of them features in this still life…

For this picture, I combined a succulent plant and a geranium remaining from an arrangement from Harvest Studio, a vase and a little lidded something together and the ‘honeymoon fabric’ became the background.

I started with a loose light pencil line, then launched in with my pen and ink. Here’s a glimpse at the start of the ink work. You may just be able to see the pencil line.

Here’s a peek at the whole drawing.

Here’s the start of adding the colour. [Sidenote: Did you know this picture is number 6 in my #100PicturesProject? And I’m now up to #79!]

And more and more colour… how glorious are the colours of this fabric! Such a lesson from an artisan in a different genre.

This one of a kind watercolour painting has recently gone to a good home, purchased from my *Plenty Twenty* SALA exhibition.

Be well!
Speak soon,
Love Meg x o


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Picture 60 in my 100Pictures Project: A Quote from queen Brené

Crikey, we’re up to picture 60 of my 100 Pictures Project! Hope you like my hand-lettered interpretation of this pithy Brené Brown quote!

Don’t let go of you!

“What’s the greater risk?
Letting go of what people think – or
letting go of how I feel what I believe and who I am?”
~ Brené Brown.

Great question, Brené Brown – or, as I call her queen Brené! The risk looks to be much greater if we let go of ourselves, right? So important! Might I also recommend Brené’s podcast, Unlocking Us? Full of insight, compassion and warmth. Have you listened?

A Perfectly Reasonable request

The people-descended-from-people-who-lived-on-this-land when colonialism dropped it’s destructive possessive self in (embarrassedly the latter would be my ancestors) are not making a big or unreasonable ask with their Statement from the Heart! It would be entirely reasonable to say “Get out of here, now!” or “Do things our way”, but they’re simply requesting a voice to be heard in the (Brought In) Leadership system! Sounds gracious, patient and restorative. How about we walk together as allies?

This quote (found via Sonya Renee Taylor) seems relevant now, too…

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time.
If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then
let us work together.”
~ Lilla Watson

Food for thought

Have you read The Body is not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor? So. Good. So much to think about and unpack. I started re-reading with the intention of addressing the self-reflections instead of powering on through. [It’s very popular and I returned it to the library, mid re-read. and will await my turn again!]

Gosh, I’m grateful for libraries! Most of the books I’ve read lately have been borrowed from our state library service. Do you love libraries, or are you a book buyer? Or a hybrid who just loves to read, wherever the book is from? Do you have en e-book-reader? Do you like it?

Be well. Stay well.
Love and Peace,
Meg :)



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PS2 Worth a look: video and info for today, September 21, which is the International Day of Peace. Join me as a voice for peace, by sharing the URL and video, too!

Plenty Twenty, the Exhibition…

If you can’t get to my in-person exhibition in South Australia [pandemic travel restrictions, anyone?], or you can & you’re wondering about the stories behind the 12 still lifes in my Plenty Twenty exhibition, then This Is For You! Here are the stories embodied in the 12 paintings…

1/January – Arcs and Iridescence $515

The *Arcs and Iridescence* title refers to both the vintage china – with pearlised surface and arched legs and handle – and butterflies and their quivering flight paths and finely scaled wings.

The sweet lidded bowl is complimented by the scarlets and oranges of nasturtium petals. The colours are divinely bright on the generous watercolour paper.

This piece radiates ‘uplift’, a sunny afternoon captured for your forever enjoyment, even during winter darkness. This will suit you if nasturtiums are your Happy Place – mine too! – for your cosy reading spot or anywhere you want glowing light and warmth!

2/February – Hazel’s Chai and Paisley – SPOKEN FOR pending sale

A china cup of light infused chai floats over a paisley landscape… warming your heart with pinks and golds … mmmm, delicious!

This piece would be lovely company in the nook where you enjoy your cuppa, to gently remind you of the sheer luxurious validity of doing so!

[Side note: While painting this, I listened to a podcast of Russell Brand interviewing Brian Cox … you may feel the vibe of intelligent voices in British accents emanating from this one!
Take a moment, too, to think of Hazel, the kind elderly lady who would bequeath a sweet teaset to a new friend who was at the time an 8-year old child.

3/March – Wavy Glass and Marimekko $515

While helping a friend clear out a shed, this wavy glass jug came to light, beckoning me to paint it!

Gathering friendly paper maché and nasturtiums to keep it company, I also harkened back to joyful 70s simplified flower motifs for the background.

This is an individual statement of appreciation, perhaps for your breakfast nook or sunroom.




4/April – Picked Pears – SOLD

The white china bowl and the teapot flowers keep company with generously yielded pears. Cat lovers will note the familiar cat scrabbled fly screen!

This is a visual ode to op shopped china, feline companions and sweet Autumn offerings. An image of contentment, perhaps for your hallway.





5/May – Quinces and Crab Apples – SOLD

Pale yellow quinces slowly ripened on the tree. They come into their own with a table linen and scarf background along with dear cherry-like crab apples.

This is an image of abundance and appreciation, perfect for an altar or near the hall stand…





6/June – Succulent, Geranium and Honeymoon Fabric – SOLD

Several lovely swathes of patterned fabric returned with us from Tangerine Man’s* and my honeymoon in Borneo. I’ve not historically been a fan of succulent plants, but natures wonderful shapes and bold designs have ‘grown’ (haha) on me. The humble geranium’s leaf structure and a little lidded pot complete the composition.

This picture gives off a conservatory vibe, so if you don’t quite have a conservatory and you want one, this might be a good pic for you! Alternately the greens and patterned-with-white areas pop forwards making this a welcome addition to sunny kitchen (though not itself to be placed in direct sun)!


7/July – Garden Flowers (Yellows) – SOLD

Marigolds are so generous – from each seed a hundred flowers! They’re a small blossoming representation of sunshine, and their yellows pair companionably with a scarlet nasturtium.

Blues and spots are a classic foil to the shape and colour of the indian vase with garden flowers and lone pear.

This happy still life will bring cheerfulness to the space where you choose to hang it.



8/August – Still Life with Gourd – SOLD

My friend grew this cool gourd and kindly let me draw it.  I haven’t even accentuated the the colours – it was vibrant just like this!

I arranged the gourd on a sweet fabric with related colours. Nasturtiums tentatively arched nearby.

This one brings late Summer vibes. It would bring delight and warmth to a conservatory and/or tea-drinking spot.




9/September – Past and Future Poppies $515

Past and Future poppies… ribbed dried poppy pods, spilling their fine seeds into the glass jar holding their potential ready for next Spring.

This is a record of the delicate between-seasons keeping of seeds, while nature turns and becomes once again warm and ready to enthusiastically grow tall plants from tiny seeds.

This picture would be a wonderful Circle of Life contemplation piece for an altar, or on an always-shaded wall in the kitchen or eating nook.



10/October – Nasturtiums in Blue and White Vase 2 – SOLD

This delightful op shop vase shares its shape and particular blue twirl-and-leaf pattern, while holding friendly nasturtiums straight from the garden.

This painting will reward extended inspection with its balanced composition and joyful colour combination.

It’s a Spring and Summer reminder you can keep indoors, to lift your spirits all year long! A gracious piece for an older child’s room – or yours!



11/November – Green Cup and Child’s Daisies – $515

One by one I was gifted these daisies making up a posie so small an egg cup is sufficient vase.

In the 2021 Flowers and Food calendars, the quote I’ve paired with this picture is Dean Jackson’s, saying:

“…when a child gives you a gift, even if it is a rock they just picked up, exude gratitude. it may be the only thing they have to give, and they have chosen to give it to you.”

The foreground cross pattern and the rounded hand-shaped cup round out the still life composition with the blues and greens of fabric and background.

This picture would be a keeper gift for a child, a starter piece to encourage them to collect art from a young age.

12/December – Buerre Bosc Pears and Dahlias – SOLD

The classic shape of buerre bosc pears fits beside the hand-blown glass with swirls of white and blue. The pears greens and browns are friendly with the soft tones of the dahlia petals and their deep green leaves.

This is a bold composition, with judicious colour play and decorative elements.

Would be a perfect fit in a row with 2 other produce-featuring still lifes, perhaps behind the side board in the dining room.



Make your favourite your own!

  • An original painting will bring a unique, buoyant energy to your wall. Make one [or several if you have a bigger space] your own!
    Artworks are custom framed and your new artwork can be collected from Mockingbird Lounge after the exhibition.
    If there’s a picture you want for your very own, you can of course purchase at the exhibition venue.
    Or, if you fall in love with one of the images above – or after you leave the exhibition you can’t stop thinking about one – you can also ring them on (Australia) 08 8294 3398 message me to arrange purchase and a red dot will mark it as Sold To You.
  • Companion calendars – a collection of the twelve exhibition images combined with 2021 dates, and quotes of goodness and individuality
  • An exhibition pack of 12 cards to send your love still available at Mockingbird Lounge (and possibly on my site, soon).

In August, one-of-a-kind pictures will be available only from the Plenty Twenty exhibition venue, Mockingbird Lounge, Glenelg, South Australia. This is so we don’t inadvertently sell a one-off item to two separate bold souls!

However, calendars and cards – items there are multiples of – are available at both the exhibition and below.

[Later: remaining pictures now included below.]

Hope this is useful!
Speak soon :)
Meg x o


*not his real name


I want to come to your drawing and painting lessons … but first, can I ask you something?

What do you want to ask, dear bold soul?

I’ve replied to a few questions privately, and here are some other questions answered by students, quoted with permission.

What if I can’t draw?

A student from Block 1 this year [all that time ago before COVID] wasn’t confident that she could draw. She decided she would “watch, listen and have a go (and was) surprised by the results”. Go you, H from the Fleurieu, giving it a go! She also said the lessons were “relaxing, enjoyable and (she got) great encouraging comments”. She’d recommend the lessons as being “fun, interesting and a (giving a) great sense of achievement.”

S from the Fleurieu, said my “layman’s language made it really accessible” and it was “so doable”. She felt “calm and capable of doing it”, that it would turn out in the end.

What if I’m not good enough?

“Relaxed approach. No demand or expectation of perfection”, said M from the Fleurieu, “These are great lessons for overcoming fear of drawing and painting”. Someone else said the lessons gave her “time out from the distractions of everyday life” and “freedom to play”.

Thank you so much

M from the Fleurieu said “(Meg): you really have a wonderful approach to helping people engage in art. And a beautiful, generous, kind presence”. Others commented that “Meg creates a supportive and very enjoyable space to freely create and enjoy art,” and “Meg is a natural teacher. She is clear and playful; accomplished and welcoming; and paces the classes perfectly”.

I’m not sure that I have time

When you’re scheduling your weeks and your trips, check here for the dates and see if they work for you. For Block 2 we went online. But now we’re ba-a-a-ack!

S from the Fleurieu says the classes are: “informative, relaxing, challenging, creative”, noting that  “everyone sees things differently – every picture is different”. Another benefit was “meeting people from different backgrounds. Would she recommend the classes to others? Yes, they were “fun, relaxing, (and) confidence building”.

D from the Fleurieu enjoyed the “new – bold and colourful – techniques”, the “nice afternoon with good company” and found the lessons “fun and not too daunting”.

Fortunate legacy

In the art world I grew up in, I was lucky to be taught and mentored by Ruth Tuck and her wonderful, mostly women, teachers. They modelled (and still do) being a working artist, how to see and appreciate and having a good work ethic. It’s a rich and important legacy for me, and I hope I can share a little of it.

Was this helpful?

I hope this was encouraging! If you still have questions, not covered here or on the Drawing and Painting lessons info page, contact me via the contact page

If it sounds like a fit for you, come join us!

Sound good? if yes, put on your Frida earrings and book yourself in for a lovely series of creative afternoons in 2020. Click this to book in and join us! There are 3 spots left in the August block and 4 spots left in the October block, as of this writing.

Speak soon!
Meg x o


PS If you’re in Adelaide, South Australia and want to visit >>> *Plenty 20*, my SALA Festival exhibition <<< click that link for more details! We’ll be in the on-line SALA program soon…

Let’s visit Mockingbird Lounge

Mockingbird Lounge is a second hand book shop and more!

Did you know? My SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival 2020 exhibition of still life paintings, *Plenty 20* is at a wonderful book shop and café in Glenelg South called Mockingbird Lounge?

Mockingbird Lounge is a cosy café, community space, secondhand book shop, art gallery and gift shop, where almost all walls are full of books (except for the exhibition area in the main hallway) and the rooms are full of book clubs. In the café they use actual china cups and saucers, just like you’re at home. Beautiful and planet friendly.

Want to read some others’ thoughts about Mockingbird Lounge? Here are articles from Australian Traveller and from Adelady.

SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival

Aren’t we fortunate (and it’s not just luck, folks put a lot of work in) in South Australia to have SALA – an actual Living Artist’s Festival, celebrating creativity as a month-long community practise?! The format is a little different this year, with some extra creativity coming in to play due to COVID pauses and practises. Usually there’s a small newspaper guide of hundreds of exhibitions and thousands of artists. This year the guide and some of the art itself is online.

Lucky for me, with a COVID plan, my exhibition is happening in the physical location that is Mockingbird Lounge. By the way, if you want first dibs on any of the 12 framed paintings, go to my exhibition page up to August 6th where you can pre-purchase the pictures. From August 7th to September 3, visit the exhibition in person!

Plenty 20

When I’m feeling ‘flat’, I tend not to paint … maybe I walk or write, to try to untangle thoughts and worries … When I’m painting, I’ve made it through the writing, wandering and pondering, and there’s a genuine buoyancy that’s embedded in the artwork. I named my exhibition Plenty 20 to remind myself and viewers about gratitude and sheer good fortune for our Australian abundance of fresh fruit and garden flowers, colours and patterns a record of every day plentitude. Basics perhaps, but like Tara Schuster says, “The basics are the luxury”.

I’m grateful to be alive and well. How are you doing?

Speak soon,
Meg xo


PS Sign up today if you’re thinking of taking some art lessons with me. We start again on August 6th (3 spots left as of this writing) for 5 weeks. The final block for the year starts on October 1 (4 spots left). We have a COVID plan in place and are returning to our first venue.

Picture 59 in my 100 Pictures Project: a hand-lettered quote of optimism

Greetings from early July, 2020! A significant part of Australia is back in lockdown, while other parts, mine included, are getting to stretch our wings a little again. Gotta keep up physical distancing and hand-washing though. (And then moisturising hands ‘cos sanitisers and everyone else’s soap doesn’t agree with my skin so much.)

I love this quote

This optimism-plus-effort quote is always relevant, and no more than now…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful caring citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead

Looking at our issues with that bit of perspective gives me hope. We don’t all have to do a lot, but a few banded together can make a real difference. This quote is big and clear on my Bold Art for Bold Causes page too … seems salient with our ongoing humanitarian contributions.

Did you hear this podcast with Eytan Lenko? His big plans could solve lots of big problems at the same time. I also loved this conversation with Rutger Bregman. #sharinggoodstories Cheers for the super timely interviews, Osher Günsberg!

A LOT is going on and needs addressing. And, nobody benefits by us not sharing our creations, our beauty, our joy. Here’s what I’ve been making…

Bright Still Life Paintings

My 2020 SALA art show is coming up, running August 7 – Sept 3, at Mockingbird Lounge, Glenelg South! ^^^ Click ^^^ link for details.
We’re doing a wine/coffee and cafe food (purchase what you prefer from the cafe area) launch evening on Friday August 7, 5-9pm and you’re invited! There are no speeches so roll up for a while any time between 5 and 9. Wear your flower crown if you like :)

Calendars and Cards (and price breaks for early birds)

Scroll down on my *Plenty 20* exhibition page to check out the exhibition-matching 12 card packs and calendar art – and preview the paintings!
The exhibition card packs are $54 $50 until Sunday July 12, 2020 (Australian Central Standard Time). No code required.
There’s an early bird price break if you order 3+ calendars by Sunday (sign up to my mailing list for the member’s code and sweet freebies.)

Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market is back

Are you able to get to Willunga, South Australia this Saturday? WAHM (Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market) has a COVID plan, and we’re back at the Old Show Hall this week! Looking forward to seeing everyone again, albeit with plenty of extra hand washing and physical distancing.

See you soon!
Love Meg x o

Pictures 57 and 58 in my 100 Pictures Project: a land-lettered quote and a cat lino print

Classics today on our 100 Pictures Project journey – an uplifting quote from a monk hand-lettered by me, and a lino print of a black cat with a twinkling eye …

Picture 57: David Steindl Rast quote, hand-lettered

The root of joy is gratefulness…
It is not joy that makes us grateful;
it is gratitude that makes us joyful.
~ David Steindl-Rast

This quotation reminds me that often I have things all arse-about. [“Back to front” if you’re reading this aloud to small kids.] Creating and decorating the lettering gave me a chance to percolate. Click this if you’d like me to custom illustrate a word just for you. #wordoftheyear #powerofwords

I’ve paired other visuals with this favourite quote before – here with my lino print, Joie de Vivre.

Picture 58: Mr Inky lino print

That little cutie! ‘My’ cat is black. His fur is as black as I imagine the ink of a squid to be. And, he has about a hundred one-fur patches of white (ie. single white furs) only visible when viewed more closely.

This lino print features him with a background pattern of raining ink pens. And with a crocheted blanket I admired before I could actually crochet (that’s been a recent thing).

Below left: hand printed – on the left is the print on paper, on right the inked lino block. Below right: Hand colouring in progress. I like the inky blue in the background.

A mini listicle: More cool stuff

There have been many small things to consolidate our joy and gratitude and add to our learning, these past strange months.

  1. Gorgeous Vivienne McMaster is back from maternity leave and making ripples-of-goodness with her know-and-love-yourself-through-photographic-self-portraiture courses. She is sunshine… I’d recommend her offerings wholeheartedly.
  2. Stasia Savasuk taught her most recent session of Style School right through lock down. Supporting and encouraging women to show up for themselves even (or especially) through iso. She has a wonderful instagram. Her rants are So.Good.
  3. I’m loving watching the addresses from Prem Rawat each morning. Click this to check out the full series of his lockdown videos.
  4. I was astonished how accessible this conversation was between Osher Günsberg and Richard Denniss (an Australian economist and author, see below)… for me, it unlocked some mystery around political economic messaging. We don’t have to swallow our elected officials’ econobabble and let them accelerate us into climate destabilisation.
  5. Richard Denniss book, Curing Affluenza – The book of the ^^^ podcast, sorta. I’m reading it right now and it’s making so much sense to me. When politicians say “… we can’t because of economic growth and GDP,” it’s their way of sidestepping a blunter truth that they “don’t want to”. “The Economy” doesn’t care what we do, and we as citizens can tell our elected representatives we want more of this (ie. renewables as power sources) and less of that (new coal mines, for example!)
  6. On a different branch… If you’d like to (potentially) get tears in your eyes from a delicate, strong, beautiful song, click this link to Loren Kate’s I’ll Be.
  7. More Australian made creative beauty: Love in Lockdown brought to you by Gristmill (Librarians TV series, Upper Middle Bogan, and more) – a short, lovely complete story.
  8. And, Gut Feeling. Such a great premise – I love imagining my gut as a super intuitive character with funky style. Gosh I would love this as an ongoing series to see what plays out for everyone and their gut instincts!


How’s your section of the world going?

Virtual hugs, dear one,
Meg :)


PS Want some happy art cards to send to loved ones? Check out my art card page here … There are many dozens to choose from, all updated as of last week!

PS2 I have an editing whiz on the project with me to get our heart photos into a video. Stay tuned!




Picture 56 in my 100 Pictures Project: Hafiz quote

“Your heart and my heart are
very, very old friends”
~ Hafiz

Does that quote just warm your heart right in the cosy centre? Me too…

This hand-lettered and decorated quote is number 56 my #100PicturesProject! Finished last year (when the world was another place), it’s been scanned, coloured and made into greeting cards! Woot!

Does this artwork resonate with you or remind you of a dear friend or family member? Click the picture ^^ to find them online in my Art Card shop.

Thinking about friends, family and all of humanity, maybe it’s a good time to reinstate some pen pal habits and send a ‘snail’ mail … always fun!

Talking about hearts and connection …

… have you sent in a Found Object Heart picture for my 2020 Collective Heart Project? I’d love to add yours to the collection. We already have more than a dozen, and a few are featured below!

Click this writing or the heart pics below to see the details of the project, and join in today. I’ll delay the project wrap up maybe an extra week because it’s taken me a while to get this blog post out!

Why am I doing this right now, when the world is a different place? Because I’m doing what I know how to do. << Thanks for putting that into words, Austin Kleon and Fiona Apple.

Want to add to the loveliness? Click one of the heart pics to go check out the details… there’s a short (the kids are swarming) version, and a longer version :D

I’ll share some more this week on my Facebook and Instagram. In a week I’ll collate into a something – maybe a slide-show style video? Like when we made this.

While we’re in lockdown thinking about stuff …

… let’s think about not returning to what we were doing before. Let’s not go back to (the same) “normal” because, as wise people are saying, “Normal was the problem”.

I listened to this fascinating podcast interview – Osher Günsberg with Margaret Klein Salamon from The Climate Mobilisation – recorded before the pandemic was at the forefront. She asserts that the eco folk have been lying to us too: in fact we can’t fix the climate emergency gently or moderately, because we’re already so far along the path. I’m shocked but I see what she means.
Ultimately, though, it’s an optimistic outlook: we can transform. (We just proved it.)

Wash your hands dear heart, we need you strong and true.
Love and light,
Meg x o

Bold Living 61: Time Lapse Drawing Video “… a time to refrain…”

Warm greetings to you, bold soul!

Here’s a 27-second time lapse video of me illustrating a lyric line, after hearing the song Turn! Turn! Turn! on the radio recently. These lyrics were written well before they were put to music in 1962 (click this to learn more) by the late Pete Seeger. Pretty sure I had a much-loved version on vinyl in the 70s, that had beautiful harmonies …

Are you familiar with the song?


What a time we are living in…

Take care of your self and your people!
Speak soon,
Meg :)



Link Love from Lockdown – April 2020

In an interruption to our irregularly scheduled programming, here’s a listicle for when we’re locked down at home … and “going viral” is no longer a desirable state! [Instead of more introductions to the #100PicturesProject today…]

Though apart, we’re all in it together, co-operating by staying home to curb the rampant spread of COVID-19. In this situation, the ideas, projects and resources in these links have been helping me make sense of things, be interactive in a positive way & uplifted, hopeful and active. Hope some may be of interest to you :)

  1. I’m enjoying these short, daily Lockdown chats from Prem Rawat. A great way to start the day, they keep my heart buoyant and my feet on the ground. Here’s a trailer to see if it’s your kind of thing...
  2. Bollywood dance classes – I like Fusion Beats… I’d been to in-real-life classes before the physical distancing came into play, and Francesca’s lovely teaching translates well to the screen. They offer both real-time classes and follow along sequences. I’m enjoying this physical fun at home, though have discovered I’ve another weakness: remembering & following a series of physical movements! Haha. Oh well :)
  3. I like this article by Tara Schultz, who asserts “Having higher welfare means people can afford to pay rent, stay healthy and get back on their feet, and into the workforce.” This pandemic and subsequent job losses means as a society we’re seeing on a bigger scale than ever that we need to take care of all of us. It was true before. It’s true still. Perhaps moving forwards we can even think about the option of an all-the-time Universal Basic Income! This site answers common questions about the UBI.
  4. While you’re at home, want to join my new art project, launched from lockdown? It’s pretty simple… Click this link >> Collective Heart Project 2020 << to check it out, and reach out a creative virtual hand to others :) I hope you join in!
  5. Austin Kleon on staying home and making stuff, in this article ‘zines’ (little magazines).
  6. EcoLateral keeping going amidst the changes… Go, Jamie! [I hope she has time soon for us to interview her :) ] On socials, she brought a new concept re toilet paper alternatives: these could be used for toilet paper for number ones so you could save your loo paper for twos! Great concept-splosion, there … for me, anyway!
  7. Other ways democracy could be done! Osher Günsberg talks to Iain Walker, executive director of the newDemocracy foundation. Fascinating. Full disclosure: As of this writing, I’m about half way through.
  8. How good and generous are permaculture people? Nadja from Nadja’s Garden has a free book download. David Holmgren has a RetroSuburbia book launch/offer coming up.
  9. These amazing women do mountain climbing in full skirts. Made my day.
  10. ABC News – you know my general policy is pretty much avoid the news (I shared a link to someone else with that viewpoint in this post) … At this time, I figure the National Broadcaster for say 10-15 minutes at day is a balanced personal policy!

A few people are thinking ahead and reminding us that who we support now, is who we’re gonna have at the other end (undefinable as that end currently is). I dearly hope we learn enough and are too smart go back to Business As Usual!

Hope you got something out of my listicle, even a smile :)

See you soon, sunshine!
Meg x o