Custom Cat Art

Owned by a cat? You might like this personalised cat art!

Custom Cat Art: Exclusive feline family member cat portraits by me, Tangerine Meg. From the heart of my studio to the wall of your home: a unique, one-of-a-kind portrait of your fabulous and beloved kitty.

Just 5 cat portrait spots left in 2019! 
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I am just thrilled with Sylvia’s Custom Cat portrait. It gives me great pleasure to see her memorialized in her portrait every day. I cried when I received it. You were very easy to work with (in gathering the information and photos about Sylvia that made her special to me and what I wanted shown in her portrait).

You really captured not only the details that I loved about Sylvia but her essence. I love the flowers around her as well as the bright cheerful colors of her portrait.

Thank you again. Best regards…” ~ Maureen


Celebrate your cherished feline family member!

Your kitty’s paw prints are all over your heart as much as her fur is all over the house!

Just remembering her purr lights you up! And sometimes makes you cry, too. I’ve been there and I get it.

A Custom Cat Art portrait memorialises your feline family member – both outwardly and in essence – in my irrepressible rainbow style. I’ll take the time to get to know and fall in love with your kitty too… simply send me photos and answer the cat quirks questionnaire below.

You get a personalised, uplifting illustrated cat portrait for your wall to help you express your besottedness every single day.



I just got the Magic Camille painting that M and K ordered for me.
It is so beautiful and so like my pesky Camille that I cried.
~ Kate Rogers (owned by Camille), Michigan, USA


Your Custom Cat Portrait entails…

  • Your One of a Kind Custom Cat Art watercolor painting. Image size is approx 9 x 13 inches (23 x 33cm). Ships unframed – surrounding water colour paper allows room for mounting and framing – you can support a local (to you) framing artisan, or, if we can connect in person I can arrange framing for you for $130.
  • One or two JPEG images. One Facebook-ready image of the final artwork to share with friends – you might like to use it as your Facebook profile picture for a while :)
    And – if you want it – a jpeg when the ink drawing stage is complete. You may like a happy surprise when the artwork arrives? It’s up to you. Let me know in the questionnaire (see below).
  • A pack of 24 Greeting Cards featuring your cat picture, with envelopes, to show off your new cat portrait to friends and family
  • Your painting is shipped securely & tracked. When placing your order enter your best daytime parcel-receiving address – you’ll need to sign for this.

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Brilliant and a piece to cherish for ever!
~ Poppy (owned by Katie Cat), Adelaide, South Australia


How to get your Custom Cat Art Portrait

  • Download the Custom Cat Questionnaire.
  • Order your Custom Cat Art Portrait using the Add to Cart button. While Custom Cats are still in beta testing, save your place in the queue with full payment of $849 or a deposit of $424.50 now (with the balance of $424.50 to be paid before your bespoke cat art is shipped). Join my mailing list for a $100 coupon code on Custom Cat Art portraits paid in full!
  • Send me Questionnaire answers + your high quality cat photo, either via email or physical mail (see address at bottom of questionnaire). The photo needs to be ‘big’ and clear as it’s the source image for your pet portrait. It needs to be sharp (in focus) and we want to be able to see the colour of her eyes (and fur)!
  • If your pet has lost an ear or eye, and you want them repaired in the painting, angel-like, let me know.
  • One cat per portrait only
  • Receive a confirmation email that the photos and cat art questionnaire have been received and that the photo is suitable as a reference.
  • A work in progress jpeg via email – if you requested it.
  • I know, it’s almost as exciting as getting a kitten, but try to think about other things, so you get a happy surprise in 3 months when your very own quirky-licious Custom Cat Art portrait is delivered to your doorstep.
  • Enjoy seeing your cat in a new way – like she’s from inside a picture book!

Be warned: you may cry when you first open your parcel.



“So thrilled to have our beautiful cat Lewis drawn and painted by Margie. She has captured his kind and gentle nature in the garden environment he loved….eyes closed….smiling in the sunshine. Lewis was our majestic Russian Blue that we sadly lost on the road over 3 years ago. 

We are thrilled to have him ‘return home’ to us in this fabulous piece of art!”

~Jenny Coats, Cat Pad Enclosures


Good to know

  • To do justice to our moggy muses, I undertake a limited number of Custom Cat Art portraits. In 2019, just 6 spots are available.
  • Custom Cats are shipped Unframed. If you’re a new art collector, download this: “How do I Frame my Lino Print? (Or One of a Kind Watercolour or other artwork on paper)?” for first timer framing tips.
  • Pricing shown is for one cat per picture.
  • After payment, email your answers and photos :)
  • Or, If you print out the questionnaire, you can send it with physical photo to me at the address at bottom of questionnaire. Put sturdy cardboard on either side if you’re sending physical photo to protect it in the mail. I’ll return your photo with your Custom Cat Art portrait.
  • You own the painting itself. Other rights (prints, reproduction, promotion etc) are retained by me as the creator of the artwork. I may select a few Custom Cat Art portraits for future products (calendars and other printed items) or promotional purposes or to share with other Custom Cat people.
  • Want extra detail about how this happens? Read this blog post that mentions guinea pigs! Or, in this post I step you through the stages of cat portrait making in photos – complete with sweet comments from my human guinea pig!

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Pavlov and Lexi

Thanks so much for the very beautiful picture(s), almost as lovely as the real thing
~ AM
Photo by proud ‘owner’


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