Coloring Pages for Adults

Header image for "Coloring Pages for Adults" featuring quirky Tangerine Meg artist drawings

Woohoo! Downloadable, printable coloring pages for adults!

Do you love and adore colouring in? I know how much colour lights up my life – seeing it, painting it, wearing it – and I think you might be a kindred spirit. Funnily enough, this is probably the least colourful page of my whole website! I’m imagining these black and white drawings becoming happily rainbow hued with your pencils, as a welcome healthy-for-the-soul, focus-on-the-present addition to your day! Welcome to my first ever offering of coloring pages for adults. (Oh, second really, I didn’t count this sampler >> download your gift cat colouring page here.)

Step 1: Order your own page or set of coloring pages for adults here at just $3 for a single coloring page, or $10 for the set of five.
Step 2 and 2a: Download and Print
Step 3: Chill out and colour :D #happytimes

Five black and white artist line drawings, including cats, flowers, patterns and a butterflyOh by the way…

I’ve left about 10mm of white space at the edges of the coloring pages so none of the drawing gets cut off – which as you know can be a pitfall of even modern home printing devices – as well as for visual breathing space! #graphicdesignprinciple

Get your own set of 5 here and print out half a dozen times if you like – handy if you like to experiment with different color schemes.

Set 1 includes: Cats, a bold woman, balloons, a butterfly, plenty of flowers and even a row of spiky succulents & a happy sugar skull! One page features four postcards to color in for sending or display. (Print out the postcard page on the heaviest paper your printer can manage!)

The 4 biggest pictures are complimented by carefully chosen happy quotes to ponder while you colour the pictures.

Button image for "Coloring Pages for Adults" with lettering on a mauve backgroundQuirky Artist Drawings for a Modern Hippie to colour

Whether you colour inside, outside or beside the lines, I hope you enjoy zenning out on these started-for-you art projects.

Can’t wait to see your happy colours, and hear your feedback! Share on my Facebook page if you care to! Love, Meg x o


PS Thank you beta testing bold soul for this rainbowy burst of colour…

cup of tea and coloured pencils alongside line drawing of butterfly being coloured in rainbow-like