All Welcome Here poster download

Thanks for your interest in this sunshiny inclusive tribe!

Red watercolour background with pale yellow type reading “All Welcome Here downloads”. On left side is a colourful All Welcome Here illustrated poster. On right side is an illustrated colouring page with just black drawing on white background. Both poster and colouring page have much pattern and line work.

Are you welcoming of all humans *and* don’t want to shout yourself hoarse?

Could this be a neat way for the store front of your yoga studio, quirky florist, consulting rooms or graphics palace to quietly welcome everyone in? What do you think?

Or, perhaps you’re having a garage sale or want to make a statement in your kitchen …

If yes: I made this for you and the rest of the tribe!

The artwork gifts are all ready to download and print out…
Option 1: download the already-coloured-for-you poster to print out, or
Option 2: download the colouring page (and let’s face it that’s a little easier on your ink) and colour it in your own good self. [I’d love to see your colour choices… show me on facebook?]

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Show your true colours

Have fun with colour while settled in with a cup of tea! While you pick colours and gently coax the page to rainbow-filled life, give yourself a pause to ponder what energy you really want in your life? And what energy you want to offer…  [Hah, it’s like therapy with coloured pencils!]

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To recap: How to access the poster and colouring page

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I hope you enjoy quietly shouting your inclusiveness, either from your poster print out, or when drenching this detailed page with colour a-plenty!

See you soon in your inBox!
Love Meg x o



PS Coming soon: printed-for-you versions available to order from my online gallery shop! Stay tuned.