Live Bold List 39: 5 Bold Ways to Share Some Happy

One of the documented ways to feel happier is to do something nice for someone else… I do something for you > We both feel happier > And both pass it along. Here are a few options to pick from today…

Header panel with hand-colored lino print of happy woman, under the sun

Live Bold List 39: 5 Bold Ways to Share Some Happy

  1. Make someone a meal – this is especially appreciated when you’ve remembered they’re allergic to dairy or onions, have quit sugar or are doing gluten free! It may take a bit longer but the thoughtfulness is appreciated, believe me!
  2. Do something nice for a sick or housebound friend. Choose a kind thing that they would specifically like. You can ask if you’re not sure what would be suitable. What would actually be useful or enjoyed by them today? Sometimes home grown, hand picked flowers are uplifting when other needs are already covered. How about a visit and a chat, if it’s appropriate or possible?
  3. Buy some of my art for someone. (Haha, yourself? … Gotta keep the well full, right?) This hand painted lino print is called “Joie de Vivre” – French for “Joy of Life”. There are cards, prints and limited edition lino prints, and even a couple of Artists Trial Prints (with small differences) at clearance, too. Click the image to have a look in the Bold Soul area in my online Gallery Shop.TangerineMeg_JoieDeVivre_hand-colored lino print. Woman and her cat familiar joyously against a blue sky with a raging  (but kindly warm too) sun.
  4. Suggest going on a beach walk with someone. If it’s warm enough, take off your shoes. The different textures of sand, shell, stone and sea are so magical for getting you back in your body, then you might notice your breathing, and you might both get happily centred. Talking and listening? Simply good for the soul.
  5. Download one of my printables… tuck one of the bookmarks into the cover and loan a friend a great book. Or, print lots of the bookplates and label somebody’s library for them! Did you see I have a new download? A coloring page for adults… colouring is surprisingly therapeutic – download and zen out with it!

Let me know how you go. I’m on twitter a bit, but more often on instagram and Facebook. Or leave a little message below. It’s always helpful to hear how things land :)

Love ya,
Meg x o

Intensely coloured double exposure self portrait in a red cape with overlaid Albert Einstein quote in my writing

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