Welcome to my world of bold, colorful art!

Welcome, welcome, bold soul!

Take a seat! Put your feet up here in the sun – beside the cat perhaps! I’ll put the kettle on :D

Why do I – and you too? – love art, boldness, joy, juicy colour, gardens and stripes so much? Those are indeed constant points of musing! Maybe partly because:

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”
~ Albert Einstein


New here? Here are some blog posts to get you started:

Cats aren’t perfect but we love and make art of them anyway. And lose them.

Sometimes I interview wonderful people. Sometimes I make listsone of my favourites is this one on the bold art of bike riding.

Other times I muse about health (including the making of thyroid art and the thanking of piggies), Sunshine, women, flowers and courage, art and happiness and life, society or the positive side of social media.

Bold Art Gifts for You

Cups of chai tea & gluten free biscuits don’t (yet) transmit well via the net… but I’d love you to download printable art from me as a welcome gift instead: bookmarks and/or bookplates. :)

And, if you’re gnashing your brain trying to sort out How to Frame Your Lino Print (or One of a Kind Watercolour or other artwork on paper) check out my downloadable leaflet (by the same name). Let me know if it’s useful!

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Love Meg x o